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International Academy of Five Fold Ministries

School of Mission, Uganda

Instructions for filling the application form

  1. Photograph should be of square shape of size not less than  51x51 mm or 2x2 inch (with 80% coverage by face)

  2. Upload Applicant’s proof of present citizenship. Ex: copy of Passport or Govt. ID card.

  3. Course fee must be paid by all the applicants.

  • Cash

  • Demand draft

  • Cheque

  • Online banking

  • Pay by Work (Work in the campus for paying the fee)

   4. School Fees must be paid prior to or upon arrival at the school or unless special arrangements are made with the school director. 

   5. We will provide scholarship to complete the course for eligible candidates. Select your scholarship preferences on the application                form to be considered for the same.


A Category Nations : $ 6000

B Category Nations : $ 4000

C Category Nations : $ 2500

Read the document to find out the category for your Nation. 


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