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East Africa MISSION

How We Began

     I started my ministry in 1987 at the age of 17. It was after my baptism in the

Holy Spirit that God gave me the vision and deep burden for the African continent.

I knew in my spirit that I have to be an instrument in the hands of God to preach and teach His Word to the people of Africa and to plant churches so as to provide them with the right fellowship and right teaching. Thus I started to pray and after 28 years, God opened the door.

     In 2015 Kingdom and Glory Ministries, Africa was registered as an NGO in Uganda. We conducted short term Bible training programs and seminars in different parts of Uganda for 2 years. In April 2017 we started a church and a boarding school for children with disability. 

     In the same year God gave us a land and enough funds to construct a building and in May 2018, we started a one year Bible school. Soon, in September 2018, a secular residential school.

     As God entrusted me with a teaching ministry in order to equip the saints for the mission work, He moved the hearts of Pr. Finny Stephen from Kerala, India and

Pr. Anish Mano Stephen from  Hope in Jesus Ministries, India, to join us in this greater mission to share the Gospel in Africa. The plan was to setup a mobile crusade unit in Uganda and conduct Crusades all over Uganda and the neighboring east African nations.As Pastor Anish and Pastor Finny prepared to preach the gospel to the

East African nations, it was my turn to provide them with the right fellowship, support and send them to the places where the gospel has not reached.


     As we completed the 150 days of Crusade in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda,

God healed, saved and restored thousands of people and empowered the Churches with the power of the Holy Spirit. I am thankful to God for enabling us to work together for His Glory. 


     Are you a minister of God with a burden for Africa? Then we welcome you to join hands with us. If you wish to work independently, we can provide you with all the necessary help. Let us together, capture Africa for the Kingdom of God.
God Bless Africa!                                                                              

                                                                                                        Pastor Santhosh David

Pebble Beach
Santhosh David.png

Pastor Santhosh David

Kingdom and Glory Ministries,

 India & Africa

    God is calling man to His Kingdom and Glory. These two important mysteries and great promises are clearly revealed in the entire Bible.

    Our Mission is to help you to find the will of God in your life and to train you to teach others how to inherit the Kingdom and the Glory of God (Eternal Salvation). By focusing on a particular place we conduct outreach programs, evangelize and prayers and thus this small gathering becomes a church. We plant the Churches and handover to the regional leadership. Our heart’s deepest desire is to prepare the Bride of the Lamp for the Eternal Kingdom and Glory.


    To fulfil this mission Pr. Santhosh started the International Academy of Five Fold Ministries for perfecting the saints of the church and edifying the Body of Christ through the revelation in the Knowledge of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. During the past decade, we have trained over two thousand pastors and servants go God all over India and abroad.


Government of Uganda (herein represented by Office of the Prime Minister- Department of Refugees) and Kingdom and Glory Ministries.

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